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Other Services

We are a One-Stop Source for Your Business’ General Accounting Needs

For small to medium-sized business owners in Fargo, finding one source who can adequately handle all your accounting, payroll and bookkeeping needs oftentimes presents a challenge. At Accountability, we are poised and stand ready to simplify that search process. In fact, business clients in the Fargo/Moorhead area have been trusting the keen eye and impeccable record-keeping skills of our owner Sara Ernst for over the past 15 years, and with a wide-range of their operational needs.

Providing Clients with More Than Expected

Sara believes in going above-and-beyond what is normally expected from your average payroll and bookkeeping services resource, and as a result provides her much-appreciated clients with a number of other value-added professional amenities; ones designed to put their minds at ease, while freeing them up to address other day-to-day responsibilities.

Accountability Also Offers these Professional Client Services:


Legal Auditing for Divorce Cases

Working hand-in-hand with your attorney to report the actual income & debt when divorce involves the ownership of a business. Produce exhibits, directing the court to an accurate judgement that a tax return will not provide.

On-Site Availability

Need Sara to come to your place of business? She will cheerfully do so if that is more convenient for you, as our valued client partner.

General Small/Medium Business Consultation

Have an accounting, bookkeeping or payroll question for us? Call Sara today to schedule an appointment and get started solving your problems with her proven and client-focused business solutions.

Serving Clients with a Smile

Sara enjoys delivering all of the above services with a friendly attitude and a warm smile! Do you currently operate a smaller business in the Fargo area? Sara would love to hear from you, so use our convenient Contact form now to tell us about your payroll and bookkeeping needs.

Accountability; LLC is located at: 509 Oak Ridge Way E, Suite 10 in West Fargo, ND. Our direct phone no. is: (701) 630-4614, and our normal business hours are: M – F; 8 am to 5 pm. Appointments are also available outside those hours, as well as our convenient on-site services.